As we count down to SOUL PURPOSE 2017, we’ll be sharing regular Soul Purpose Spotlights on some of our participants and speakers. We’re genuinely excited by the calibre of individuals who are being drawn to the beacons of purpose, service, and mission, and we wish to celebrate them with you.


Speaker Spotlight

SOUL PURPOSE 2017 has four exciting speakers bringing their inspiring stories of experience. They are Steve Glenn (Managing Director, LivingHomes and CEO, Plant Prefab), Pam Scott (Founder, The Curious Company), Sam Polk (Founder, Everytable) and David Angelo (Chairman, David&Goliath).

Today’s Soul Purpose Spotlight will focus on David Angelo. 

David Angelo.png

Kirk Souder shares about David: It’s a little strange to be describing David’s story as it is so reflective of my own. We were both born to WWII veteran fathers, both grew up in big animated families, both got started as art directors in NYC, both eventually started our own companies in LA, and in recent years both committed to deep journeys in purpose and spirituality and often times walking that journey together.  What I discovered in those times together though, is how different our beginnings were. David had a tough upbringing in a tough neighborhood in tough circumstances. In one of the darkest times, something bigger and beyond him let him know that his art would always carry him through, and so he literally kept an art set by his side as a touchstone through his early days. Before his discovery of creativity as a means of mass communication in the field of advertising, David earned his stripes with years as a union man and forklift operator, and so unlike a lot of other large company chairmen, David’s life experience has given him a real understanding of the lives and needs of everyday people. David’s life essence is about courage. As a living metaphor for his own journey in courage, he named his vanguard creative company, “David&Goliath”. Part of the core culture of D&G is to help every employee be open about what the Goliath in their life is and provide them the space and support to connect with their own courage and overcome it. At the same time, David started “Today I’m Brave”—a non-profit designed to help everyday people discover the David within themselves to overcome their own challenges, while also supporting children and schools in the developing world. David’s journey in purpose and spirit led him to the revelation that these two endeavors were not separate, but one big soul purpose for David in championing bravery as a core quality for the advancement of any human life—be it his own, those of his employees, his clients, the growing “Today I’m Brave” community, and I suspect, the awaiting participants of Soul Purpose 2017.



Participant spotlight

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Helen McCabe-Young  / Consulting CMO, Grupo VidantA

Helen is an accomplished business leader with extensive international Brand, Marketing and Sales experience in leisure travel, hospitality, cruise and spa.  She is currently the Consulting Chief Marketing Officer for Grupo Vidanta, a leading luxury tourism developer in Mexico and Latin America with over 25 resorts and hotels.  Helen was previously instrumental in establishing the international brand recognition and commercial success of One&Only Resorts and Atlantis The Palm, Dubai while holding several senior leadership positions with Kerzner International over the span of 10 years, including CMO and Executive Vice President roles.  In 2010 her sense of purpose led her to developing and launching Place360 Health + Spa with a business partner. Place360 was developed to serve the local community with integrated health and wellness services to support the entire family. Her earlier career days were focused in the cruise industry, serving as Vice-President, Marketing for Silversea Cruises Ltd and prior to that working in the advertising agency business on Princess Cruises, among other travel brands.

Helen is joining Soul Purpose to explore her deeper purpose -- seeking inspiration and connection with like-minded people in the hope of fueling new ideas and inspiration to uncover greater potential for positive impact.


As an author, lecturer, philanthropist, social entrepreneur and graduate of the University of Santa Monica’s Masters in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness Health & Healing Certificate Program, Claudia Flores Alcántara has devoted her life to service and the positive transformation of the planet toward human sustainability: the preservation and promotion of the quality of human life and recognition of the interdependence of all humanity in our collective survival and thriving as a human species.

Her work has included many social impact initiatives, including: The Angel Station; La Casa de las Mujeres que Curan (The Home of Women Healers); sponsoring, serving as a board member, and judging for the Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA); sponsoring and advising Creative Visions for the Rock Your World project; and advising the Freedom to Choose foundation.

In the coming months, Claudia will be launching Vena Cava Benefit Corporation, a social enterprise with three key initiatives: will be a hub for online media and pop-up events promoting human sustainability; Vena Cava Consulting will facilitate organizational clients in transforming their collective narratives into one of human sustainability; and Vena Cava Investments will be a portfolio of investments in social enterprises at the leading edge of human sustainability.

Claudia’s intention in attending SP17 is to participate in a shared context of growth, learning, and inspiration, discovering opportunities to promote meaningful positive transformation in our world.



Holland is a pioneer in Positive Impact Tourism, creating symbiotic relationships between tourism and both local communities and surrounding natural environments through his firm, LaVie Boutique Resorts. An authentic and sustainable connection to each location is what makes LaVie a model for 21st century tourism. Their architecture uses the “Cradle to Cradle Design Framework” to support regenerative economies where the resorts reside. A regenerative economy works to regenerate capital assets with the understanding that natural capital is essential for our long term well being. Holland’s personal vision is to create fun venues that benefit the local community and environment and mental and physical wellness. He is attending Soul Purpose 2017 to hone even further his vision for LaVie and Positive Impact Tourism, and meet like-hearted people to collaborate with beyond the workshop.



As Vice President of Design for Barbie™ at Mattel Inc., Kim Culmone sets the global creative vision for the #1 girls’ toy property in the world. She and her team of talented product, packaging and graphic designers are entrusted with maintaining the brand’s position as a leader in industry innovation and cultural relevance. 

With a passion for purpose-driven, consumer-centric design and a belief in the power of play as a catalyst for positive change in the world, Kim inspires her team to break boundaries and ask “what if and why not”.  In 2015 she championed the most diverse Barbie™ doll line in the brand’s history that delivered unprecedented variety of skin tone and hair texture. In 2016, fueled by an award-winning marketing campaign, the introduction of 3 new Barbie™ doll body types garnered over 5 billion media impressions worldwide. This bold product reinvention led to a Time magazine cover, was named one of the Top 25 Inventions of 2016 and received the coveted Doll of the Year Award from the Toy Association.

Kim resides in West Hollywood and supports the arts and LGBTQ services in her community. She is attending SOUL PURPOSE 2017 to connect, learn and share with other heart-led influencers on a mission to make a difference in workplaces and the world.



Kim is an adverting agency veteran, creatively leading the Ogilvy & Social Lab office in Brussels, Belgium. One morning, on her commute from Antwerp, Kim came across Kirk’s post in her LinkedIn feed. When she mentioned it to a friend in LA, Kim was offered the keys to her friend’s apartment and car, discovered an open window in her work schedule, found unusually reasonable fares from BRU > LAX, and received the final message she needed to hit “Register” in a text exchange with her former boss, mentor, friend and Soul Purpose speaker, David Angelo. Kim is attending Soul Purpose 2017 to follow her feeling that the workshop is exactly what she needs in her life at this moment: to share meaningful conversation and connect with a diverse group committed to positive change. And to open herself to possibility.


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Scott Carlson is a storyteller with a background in fine arts and a strong sense that creativity emotes and advertising tells. He lives and works by the notion that great brands can become cherished characters in the plot of consumers’ lives. Frustrated with one-note campaigns where the story arc ends at the :30 spot, he has dedicated himself to finding fresh and compelling methods to tell rich stories for some of the world’s greatest brands.

In 2012, the former Mother creative director opened Van’s General Store with his friend and co-conspirator, actor Liev Schreiber. VGS is a modern advertising agency that curates holistic brand experiences beyond what’s expected. The creative firm specializes in multi-faceted branding and marketing solutions with attention to brand touchpoints. In the past year alone, it’s made films, published an art book, launched a juice and food restaurant and used the storefront of its Lower East Side office as a gallery space.

Scott is joining Soul Purpose with the intention of collaborating with enlightened leaders on ideas that can leave a lasting impact on the world. 



A graduate of University of Santa Monica’s masters program in Spiritual Psychology, Negar is an Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorney, and the Founder of Fertility Law Center in California. Prior to this, she served as the CEO of a successful chain of retail stores in California named Envie, which she Co-Founded with her friend and built into a multi-million dollar brand from the ground up. Her true passion is to create innovative, collaborative, and solution-based business platforms that cut through the BS of old school paradigms of bureaucracy and the fear/poverty mentality. She hopes to create change on a global scale using technology and simple solutions to affectively change the lives of billions of people around the world.

Her intention at Soul Purpose 2017 is to find clarity on how to achieve her vision, to connect with and learn from likeminded leaders in different industries, and to combine resources and collaborate with them to create and implement plans for changing the world. 



Charles is a curious storyteller. Using thoughtful questions and a willingness to listen, he creates engaging branded communications for purpose-driven companies and non-profits, primarily through short films, but also still photographs and the written word. “Deciding which stories to tell and the most effective problems to resolve may be the most important decisions you’ll make.”

As host of The Creator’s Journey, a podcast for creative leaders, Charles puts an emphasis on featuring women guests in creative leadership roles and encouraging racial diversity in the advertising and communication realm. He also facilitates tightly curated Mastermind groups for creative leaders seeking to build a life of greater impact and capacity to lead. His website for the podcast and visual work is:

He is a musician, voracious reader, podcast listener, traveler, and lover of food as a means of bringing people around a common table of friendship. He and his wife, Linda, have lived on a 100+ acre farm outside Raleigh, NC, for 18 years, growing their food and using their land as a place of healing for those who are in need of rest. 

Charles is attending SP17 because it honors the concept that you become more like the people you hang with, and because the conference draws leaders who have the hearts to “dent the universe” with their contributions. He desires to build community with individuals who share his aspiration to have a positive and meaningful impact for good in the world.



Previous Participant spotlight


Levi Brooks, CEO and co-founder of Use All Five

Levi Brooks is the cofounder and chief executive officer of Use All Five, a highly collaborative, design-focused studio in Marina del Rey, California. Its tight-knit group of exacting designers and developers provides innovative, insightful strategy, design and technology services. 

The studio has had the pleasure of working with many influential organizations over the past decade, including Google, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Brooks motivates and inspires his team with the latest in politics, culture, and technology. He’s a proud UCLA Design Media Arts alumnus. Levi’s intention at SoulPurpose2017 is to learn from enlightened and seasoned leaders in various industries on how to develop a renewed purpose in career and life.


Aileen Socrates / Global Education Leader and Transformational Coach

For nearly 15 years, Aileen Socrates has led hundreds of workshops worldwide in leadership, accelerated learning, and applied neuroscience. In serving her dynamically diverse clientele, Aileen has taught in inner city high schools, trained corporate executives in Asia, coached educational visionaries in Europe, and facilitated seminars blissfully barefoot in Hawaiian indigenous schools. The daughter of medical humanitarians, Aileen has continued her parents’ legacy by bringing healing education programs to child survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in her ancestral homeland, the Philippines. Inspired by the exampleship of her college professor Maya Angelou, Aileen is currently developing several new teaching offerings - a modern process for Authentic Peace, corporate rebirth as a Hero’s Journey, a new women’s leadership model based on the Queen Archetype, and a presentation that brings the Statue of Liberty to life as a global leader and mother.

Aileen’s intention for SP17 is to further discern how she can be of greatest service and impact in the world and to experience the synergistic support of her new “Soul Purpose Family” in realizing this vision.

Gregg Emmel1.jpg

Gregg Emmel  / Founder, Egg

Gregg Emmel has combined his talents of industrial design, intellectual property, and high volume production to facilitate the development of ideas.  An early success the Fast Track Tie Rack, sold into the millions.  He formed the company Egg Product Development Inc. an entrepreneurial organization kick starting other product specific companies. These include Spectrum Inc., a house wares company that licensed First Sounds a fetal heart monitor for expectant parents and CryoPrep, a device to freeze human tissue in seconds for the purpose of cell analysis in the operating room and medical industry. The success of the CryoPrep evolved into the development of the CryoPorter, a dry vapor shipper for the cryogenic shipping market under CryoPort Inc., which is now a publicly held company.  His current product line is Knotz Massage Tools Inc., a line of self-massage tools to relieve pain. As the principal of Egg  he has created over a 100 products, secured 48 patents and started 14 corporations.  He has come to a place of balance in his life that makes working not work, but his life.

Gregg is joining Soul Purpose with an open mind and heart to collaborate, enable and realize visions of a better world. “I am all in on this quest and evolution of healing the planet and its inhabitants.”

Copper WS.JPG

Cynthia Rogers / Creative Life Coach

Cynthia discovered a path of purpose early in her career as a film & TV editor when a teen responded to an after school special she cut by thanking the production for saving her life.  For the next 3 decades, Cynthia has hand picked each film project for its transformational value.  She has artfully explored the essence & uniqueness of each character, crafting their storyline to reveal the human condition.  Focusing primarily in non-fiction, she has shaped stories for NBC's "Raising An Olympian", MTV's series with Dan Savage, "It Gets Better", PBS's Frontline series, as well as developing programs for HBO addressing eating disorders, juveniles incarcerated for adult sentences, homelessness, and those who slip through the cracks of our American political system. Over the last 5 years, she's taken her art & craft out of the cutting room into the world as a creative life coach, facilitating clients to shape and sharpen their own story arc, uncovering their unique life's purpose.  

Cynthia is participating in SP17 to listen, share, develop and expand upon ideas with consciously creative hearts & minds in an effort to contribute positively to our expressive & evolving world.

Kyle Schember / co-founder, ceo subtractive inc.

Kyle Schember comes to us as the co-founder and CEO of Subtractive Inc., a Santa Monica based media production company.  A producer by trade, he expanded his talents by creating Subtractive Inc. to cover all aspects of production from concept to completion.  Subtractive Inc. focuses heavily on content in the music industry with clients that include Coachella, The Recording Academy, along with multiple artists and labels across all genres.   In 2008, the company began sharing its talents with SpaceX, including being producer of the SpaceX webcast.

Kyle joins Soul Purpose as a believer in the ever expanding journey of exploring further ways to be of service through his experiences.   Having worked with clients like Abraham Hicks and Bob Proctor, he is always ready for the next adventure.


David Paine / Co-founder and President, 9/11 Day

David’s journey starts as Founder and CEO of PainePR, leading some of the world’s most iconic brands like Sony, Procter&Gamble, and Suzuki. Then 9/11 happened. David took action. In 2009, David and Jay Winuk (now his co-founder in 9/11 Day), led a powerful public affairs effort that resulted in Congress and the Obama White House joining together to pass bipartisan legislation to formally establish September 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. As a result, 9/11 Day has become the largest day of charitable engagement in the United States. More than 28 million people are engaging in good deeds, volunteerism and charity in tribute to the victims of 9/11 and those who rose in service in response to the attacks, thanks to David’s innovative national engagement campaigns. David is coming to Soul Purpose 2017 to figure out what he ought to do next to help bring people together.

Susan Franceschini /  Executive Director, ThinkLA

Susan is the dynamic force behind thinkLA, the county’s premier advertising and marketing association, having grown it to 7500 members while producing 50+ inspiring events every year. In addition to her steadfast devotion to the uplifting of the people in the industry through everything from practical development to mindfulness training, Susan sees it as her personal mission to evolve the human spectrum of the industry with her focus on the Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Initiative. As an active student of meditation and spirituality for the last five years and having seen its impact both personally and professionally, Susan’s intention in coming to SP17 is to develop a vision for bringing more mindfulness into the workplace and help leaders understand the impact it can have.  Susan is looking forward to being surrounded by like-minded leaders who are ready to transform and connect to their purpose.

Michael Merryman / Founder, Rogue Captains

After a robust career producing film for the top directors of the world with firms like Pytka, RSA, HSI and Smuggler, Michael had a vision. What if there could be assembled a collective of crossmedia artists and transmedia storytellers in service to the pressing issues of the world? What if they, in collaboration with other cultural sectors, could bring global attention to these issues and perhaps thereby bring people, resources and ideas toward solving them? Michael has gathered artists like Patrick Shearn, The Colony, Brett Doar, Thomas Mayer, Hirsch & Mann, andXander Bartole under the flag of Rogue Captains to do just that. Michael’s reason for attending Soul Purpose 2017 is to connect with like-minded leaders to learn, exchange, inspire and be inspired.

Barbara Jo Gray / VP Business Operations & Integration Victoria’s Secret

Barbara Jo is an award-winning Creative Services Executive who has been at the forefront of retailing evolution - from the first Apple store to the inception of e-commerce.

As a leader, she has been especially productive in overseeing cross cultural and functional teams, which has optimized profits for Victoria’s Secret and Oracle and leading agencies. She enjoys building strategic roadmaps for businesses and specific functions – how to operate, how to move the best talent in right roles, and identifying technology to optimize the process.  Throughout her career, Barbara Jo has been heavily involved in mentoring her staff and young professionals in the community. Her coaching style empowers her team. In addition to mentoring, Barbara Jo has been asked to speak at industry events including the Henry Stewart DAM conference and has been recognized with numerous accolades for excellence in print production and industry leadership.

Barbara Jo’s goal in attending SP17 is to help her personally craft a meaningful legacy in her career and learn how to be a better agent of change in influencing the evolution of corporate cultures.

Kai Fang / EVP, Executive Creative Director Ogilvy

Kai Fang is the creative leader of the Washington, DC office of Ogilvy, an advertising and PR firm. He is attending SoulPurpose2017 to share in the presence of inspired leaders who have found the consciousness and courage to step fully into an authentic life of positive impact and divine service. By participating in this radical workshop and doing this transformative work alongside like minded purpose pioneers, each seeking to extract the fullest potential from the human experience, the possibilities for dramatic shifts and manifesting transformation are exponentially amplified.


Christopher Keefe / Vice President, Omidyar Network

Christopher is a charismatic leader in one of the world’s foremost philanthropic investment firms, Omidyar Network. Omidyar Network was created by Ebay founder, Pierre Omidyar, with the intention to create opportunity for people to improve their lives by investing in market-based efforts that catalyze economic, social and political change. Being emblematic of the shift SOUL PURPOSE 2017 is here to initiate for its participants and the world, Christopher had had a very prolific and successful career in the digital sphere before making the leap to purpose with ON. That included being Managing Director of Modem Media, and SVP of Digitas. Christopher is attending SP17 to deepen his mission orientation even further and to be in midst of like-hearted leaders to collaborate define a new purpose-driven future for all.


Karima Zedan / Executive Director, Digital Inclusion + Internet Essentials, Comcast

Karima is an impassioned advocate for bridging the nation's digital divide with thoughtful and empowering programs through Comcast’s signature digital inclusion initiative, Internet Essentials. Its mission is to provide low income Americans with a home internet connection and thereby democratize access to things like information, education and success. Internet Essentials is the largest, most comprehensive, and most successful high-speed internet adoption program in the country. Karima’s intention at SP17 is to embark on a journey of deeper exploration on how her unique gifts and experience can have an even larger impact on all people having greater access and thereby more self-determined lives.

Kelly Fredrickson / Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Kelly Fredrickson is responsible for all Creative, Advertising and Agency Management for Bank of America.  She has spent her entire career supporting the creative process of generating and delivering new ideas into culture. Kelly has worked with award-winning creative leaders across a number of national agencies (Hill Holliday, Modernista!), attracting the industry’s best talent and creating the conditions for great ideas to flourish for brands like Anheuser-Busch, Cadillac, Reebok and Bank of America. Kelly advocates for great work and can be counted on to be the extremely energetic and often irreverent leader in the room, rallying teams to great solutions.

Kelly is an inspirational keynote speaker and the author of where she documents her experiences since earning her Certificate in Positive Psychology from the Whole Being Institute. Her powerful speech at last year’s The 3% Conference continues to inspire many. Kelly’s intention in attending SP17 is to keep going with her process in her “Year of Whittling” by "centering her blade”.  She recognizes that each of us has unique gifts to bring to the world and they remain hidden unless we do the work of uncovering them, celebrating them and using them. Kelly is looking forward to gathering with other people who are living on purpose and celebrating all that is great about that.

JG8A3773 Gary Rose.jpg

Gary Rose / President + Executive Producer, Go Film

Gary is a highly awarded veteran of the branded content and commercial film industry, and has produced some of our world’s most memorable campaigns for the likes of Mercedes, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Nike.  Gary is also a pioneer in the bringing the gifts of feature film talent into the world of branded content with top directors like Christopher Guest. Go Film is known for its dedication to creativity and innovation and has garnered essentially every award in the industry including the Cannes Grand Prix.

Gary is participating in SP17 as an adventure of discovery—to discover how his skills and years of experience can be applied to a brand new creative vocation and expression of himself, that at the same time, adds beauty and positivity to his world.



Previous Speakers Spotlight


Spotlight: Pam Scott

SP17 co-designer and co-facilitator, Kirk Souder, describes his experience of Pam.

Pam Scott.png

Kirk Souder shares about Pam: The name “Pam Scott” is one I have been hearing for a long time. Having gotten my start in the world of branding and marketing, I was aware of this certain strategic star out there who was bringing vanguard approaches to the largest and most respected brands of our era. Fast forward many years, and in the process of moving myself toward social impact and exploring the movers and shakers in that world, I am suddenly hearing the name, “Pam Scott" again. Just like she had rocked it in the arena of brands, Pam was doing it again, this time in the arena of social impact—bringing her vast skills, experience and vanguard approaches to solving pressing issues in the developing world. Today, Pam is the founder of The Curious Company, and is pioneering the use of the design technology that revolutionized product development, Human Centered Design, for issues like teen pregnancy in Tanzania. Why is Human Centered Design so important in this area? HCD prevents the common misstep of the developed world projecting its own solves onto the developing world by first truly listening to those actually being impacted, and using radical collaboration with them to develop solutions for them. In the video you can see here, Pam fully embodies the intent of Soul Purpose 2017, with this quote proclaiming our mission better than we ever could: “Wow. What a pivot. To take all the things I learned in business and have this opportunity to make a difference—a real difference that matters greatly in the world. Who wants to play small? Playing small isn’t going to get us anywhere—it’s time to play big..."



Spotlight: Sam Polk

SP17 co-designer and co-facilitator, Kirk Souder, describes his experience of Sam.


Kirk Souder, SP17 facilitator, shares: It wasn’t too long ago that I first met Sam. He came into enso to speak about a prolific non-profit and movement he was creating in South Central LA called Groceryships. Sam’s passion was palpable as he described both his journey, and what Groceryships was achieving. I was blown away to hear where Sam had come from--a hugely successful Wall Street mover and shaker that gave it all up to go on a spiritual walk-about. He landed in South Central LA where he started Groceryships--Sam’s objective being to unite the women in South Central with healthy food preparation for their families, and to do that through support groups which also equipped these women with self esteem, self empowerment, and self determination. Then I remember a powerful conversation between Sam and I. Sam was expressing how there was this ambitious business person dwelling inside of him wanting to get out—to bring yet more to the world beyond his non-profit, but that he was concerned about this aspect of himself being set loose given his experience on Wall Street. What emerged in that conversation was that there was nothing wrong with this aspect of Sam, it just needed to be harnessed to a plow of positive impact. True to his brand, it was just a matter of time before Sam and his co-founder, David Foster, started Everytable, a for-profit social enterprise that makes healthy meals available at low cost for all Angelenos. I love that Sam chose not to banish the ambitious part of his being, but apply it to an endeavor of betterment, and I look forward to Sam sharing about that with the participants of Soul Purpose 2017.



Spotlight: Steve Glenn

“Can I help?”


Kirk Souder, SP17 facilitator, shares: In 2002, during a year-long walkabout with my family, we found ourselves in a small shuttle boat between Ko Phi Phi and Rai Leh in southern Thailand. About to jump into the breakers to walk up the beach of Rai Leh we found ourselves in a monsoonal downpour--hard to navigate with three big bags, my wife, Patricia, and our two year old, McKinley. Suddenly I heard a voice from behind say, “Can I help?” That voice belonged to Steve Glenn, who gallantly picked up two of our huge bags and jumped into the surf. We proceeded to befriend each other and hang out in paradise for a few days. At the time I had no idea that Steve was the same Steve Glenn who had co-founded  IdeaLab (raised $1B in funding), led one of its many companies, PeopleLink, as CEO, and previously led Walt Disney’s Imagineering VR Studio as co-director. I also had no idea that Steve would keep going with a giant leap toward purpose by working with the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative on a $220M program, and go on to found companies which are solving the world’s need for smartly designed, sustainable and affordable housing with LivingHomes and Plant Prefab. As I look back on that downpour in Rai Leh, I love the poetry and prophecy in the first words I heard of Steve’s being ones of service, “Can I help?”