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Steve Glenn

Steve Glenn is the Managing Director of LivingHomes and the CEO of Plant Prefab.  LivingHomes is a designer and developer of modern, prefab homes that combine world-class architecture with a commitment to healthy and sustainable construction. LivingHomes designed the nation’s first LEED Platinum certified home and has completed more Platinum homes than almost any other design firm.  Plant Prefab is the first prefabricated home factory in the nation dedicated to sustainable construction. Previously, Glenn worked with the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative and managed the development of a $220 million program in Mozambique. Glenn is former CEO of PeopleLink, a leading provider of enterprise ecommunity solutions and was a founding partner of idealab, a business incubation firm that raised $1 billion. Glenn worked for Walt Disney Imagineering as co-director of the Virtual Reality Studio. Glenn also co-founded Clearview Software, which was sold to Apple Computer. He holds a BA with honors from Brown University, studied Urban Planning at Harvard Graduate School of Design, and was a Coro Fellow. Glenn is a co-founder and chair of the Sustainable Business Council. Glenn was named the Clean Tech CEO of the Year by Clean Tech Week; and Environmental Entrepreneur of the Year by LA City Council/Faith2Green.

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Pam Scott

A designer by training, Pam is passionate about involving communities in the creation of solutions to the challenges they face. Inspired by the strong belief that everyone is creative, much of Pam’s work centers around architecting and leading collaborations that unlock the creative potential of groups and individuals as they develop radically fresh solutions to big, entrenched problems. For decades, Pam worked as a design researcher, creative strategist, and team leader for the likes of Nike, Levi’s, Method Home, Unilever, and MINI Cooper. Over the past decade, she’s pivoted to working on social issues, particularly focusing on the needs to women and girls in the developing world. Pam is Founder of the Curious Company, an organization that uses Human Centered Design to address pressing social issues.

Pam frequently speaks on the topic of Human Centered Design, including engagements at the Aspen Institute and Clinton Global Initiative, as well as serving as a regular guest lecturer at Harvard University’s Kennedy School and Stanford University’s Medical, Business and d Schools.

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Sam polk

Sam is Founder, CEO of Everytable, a social enterprise that is on its way to disrupting every food desert across America. His journey to purpose has been an adventure:  “In my last year on Wall Street, my bonus was $3.6 million — and I was angry because it wasn’t big enough,” began Sam Polk’s recent, riveting New York Times op-ed. This event became spiritual sniffing salts for Sam, then a leading Wall Street hedge fund trader, and propelled him towards a new life of meaning and purpose. First, Sam started Groceryships, a nonprofit working in challenged communities to help families get healthy, physically and mentally. Yet, Sam was fortunately unable to quench the ambitious business aspect of his soul and subsequently started an innovative restaurant concept called Everytable which is currently providing healthy food to all neighborhoods with an innovative symbiotic business model that unites challenged and affluent neighborhoods in a shared mission for health. Sam is author of a best-selling memoir called “For the Love of Money”, which chronicles his journey from Wall Street toward a life of meaning and purpose.

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David Angelo

David is Founder and Chairman of David&Golaith, a renowned creative agency in Los Angeles. An American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement Inductee, David has consistently challenged convention by developing highly innovative and effective advertising solutions for a diverse group of brands. This list includes Coca-Cola, Kia, NFL, and the New York State Lottery. Recently moved by his own search for purpose and impact, David started “Today, I’m Brave”, a nonprofit designed to promote courage as a value, while also financially benefiting development in the third world. Feeling something amiss with his life being divided between service and business, David brought them all together in a purpose orientation for David&Goliath with courage as the core value for his company, its people, and its clients. David&Goliath recently won best Superbowl film in their work for Kia—a film that synchronistically was about personal purpose and bravery. Over the years, David has garnered the industry’s most prestigious awards, including Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils, CLIOs, Effie Awards, LA’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and AdAge Small Agency of the Year. David’s number one goal is to inspire people and brands to overcome their goliaths and achieve greatness.