With such enormous energy and momentum coming out of the Soul Purpose 2017 workshop, and so many requesting some way for us to continue this work together, we will be offering a Soul Purpose Mastermind Group for eight to twelve members. Its duration will be seven months with two virtual (Zoom—video or phone) group meetings each month, and two individual coaching sessions with Kirk and Licia for each member. Our intention is that through a more depthful immersion into the Soul Purpose principles and context, through the lens of the three pillars of success (Clarity, Connection and Accountability), the Mastermind Group will provide the trelliswork for the visions of its members to robustly grow upward into the world.


Soul Purpose Mastermind Group—Features & Benefits

  • 28 hours of depthful coaching, in a small-group intimate format that provides focused individualized attention and customized solutions for each member
  • 4 hours of private coaching (2 hours each from Kirk and Licia—valued over $2400)
  • Private FB group for team building and additional between-session facilitator guidance
  • Access to new Soul Purpose learning tools, processes, and audio/video materials
  • Instruction on how to develop and build your purpose project through to actualization with expert inner and outer guidance along the way
  • Support in implementing an effective purpose project, including real-time project plan review and consultation in session from facilitators and group members
  • Personal accountability and peer support partner to maximize project success
  • Develop strong and enduring partnerships with other group members
  • Access to industry leaders when members’ projects and vision align with connections and network of facilitators


Deepening of Principles, Context and Application

In the SP17 weekend workshop, you were introduced to a Soul-Centered context, approach and processes designed to assist you in connecting with your Soul and the greater wisdom, creativity, inspiration and guidance available to you. Now in the Soul Purpose Mastermind Group, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your understanding and application of these Soul-Centered themes and tools:

  • Cultivate Connection: Deepen your connection with your Soul and others as a wellspring of inner support, wisdom, and guidance
  • Ego & Soul: Explore ways to utilize both aspects of your consciousness in service to greater clarity and inspired action.
  • Clearing Inner Blocks to Clarity and Progress: Gain greater facility in letting go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that impede progress.
  • Preference & Purpose: Expand beyond your ego’s desires to your Soul’s calling.
  • 360 Receptivity: Cultivate how to recognize and act on guidance coming toward you from people, events, and the Universe around you.
  • Collaboration: Learn techniques for how to more prolifically co-create with others, with your mastermind partners becoming your core touchstone group.
  • Co-creation: Open to greater allowing, grace, ease, and possibility in the manifestation of your vision.
  • Downtime Is Download Time: Celebrate downtime as purposeful action that serves innovation and creativity.
  • Accountability: Discover and integrate processes to support commitment and follow-through on your goals, projects and actions.


Schedule & tuition

Tuition for  the Mastermind Group is $8,000, with a 50% deposit required for registration and the remaining 50% due on or before February 1, 2018.

The schedule will be Wednesday mornings, 8-10am Pacific, with 14 sessions spanning 7 months. Here are the dates: Jan. 10, 24; Feb 7, 21; Mar 7, 21; Apr 4, 18; May 2, 16, 30; Jun 13, 27. Jul 11.


Special Clarity and Assessment Tool

In service to your own process as you consider this Mastermind Group, we’ve designed a tool, a self-inquiry process consisting of 11 questions, that you can use to gain greater clarity with your personal and professional goals.  It will also support the three of us together in clarifying if participating in this Mastermind Group is aligned for you at this time.

We highly recommend you use this tool, even if you’re not intending to participate in the Mastermind Group, so that you can experience greater clarity for yourself.  And feel free to copy the questions and your responses for your own use moving forward.

Given that statistically, learners revert back to pre-training behavior in six to eight weeks without some kind of sustained support, we encourage you to be developing some kind of deliberate practice for yourself and we hope that the Soul Purpose Mastermind Group can fulfill that for those who feel called.

You can access the Clarity and Assessment Tool here, and you can access registration for the Soul Purpose Mastermind Group at the bottom of this page.