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Kirk Souder

Kirk Souder is Co-founder of Enso, a renowned impact agency that works with organizations like Google, Khan Academy, Mattel, TOMS, The White House Office of Social Innovation, Medium, and The Nature Conservancy. Kirk is also a transformative coach uniting leaders with their deeper purpose and authentic creative power. Kirk’s journey started as a creative director in the brand world culminating in becoming president of a large agency called Publicis & Riney. Having arrived there, Kirk encountered an emptiness that he knew could only be filled with greater meaning and purpose which led him to the University of Santa Monica and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. That experience helped Kirk see that service and business could come together and that he could apply his skills to more mission-oriented endeavors. Kirk then became a Partner of GMMB to work on Obama for America 2008 and other positive impact initiatives, and then eventually to co-found his own impact agency in Enso. Today, with Enso and his transformative coaching work, Kirk experiences a synchronicity in purpose:  to help people and organizations free themselves from any self-created barriers, and connect to their authentic energy to create the positive impact they’ve always known was theirs.


Licia Rester-Frazee

Licia Rester-Frazee serves at the University of Santa Monica as faculty for Soul-Centered Living: A 10-Month Certificate Program in Spiritual Psychology and the Loyalty to Your Soul®Workshop. Over the past 13 years, she has worked with thousands of students and online learners in transforming their consciousness and their lives. Licia is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and transformative coach. In her private practice, she works with individuals and groups in clarifying, creating, and living an inspired and inspiring life.

Additionally, Licia serves as USM’s Managing Director where she provides leadership, coaching, and oversight to a variety of the University’s projects and departments. A professional writer and instructional designer for over 25 years, Licia has designed and produced numerous instructional video series, in-person seminars, and interactive offerings, including business workshops and courseware, psychology software, and children’s e-learning products. Some of her clients have included Microsoft, American Express, NBC, Hanna-Barbera Studios, Philips Interactive Media, Honda, Volvo, University of Southern California, Interactive Health Systems, and Amgen.